“Without it, I could not live the quality of life that I now enjoy.  I highly recommend the use of both the pump and the boot to anyone suffering from the same medical condition.”

-Glenn C.
Lymphedema patient

“The linear pump is efficient in design and fairly simple to utilize.  The staff at Wright Therapy Products is very friendly and knowledgeable.”

-Robert K. Lough, PT
Specializing in lymphedema and venous insufficiency

“One of the best modalities I have ever used.  It is very effective for all soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains, acute swelling and general muscle soreness…”

-Rick Griffin
Trainer, Seattle Mariners

“The pump was excellent…”

-Gregory Eckholdt, MD
Specializing in venous insufficiency

“As you know, we follow a large number of patients at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Division of Plastic Surgery who have venous, lymphatic, and venolymphatic malformations.  We have a busy Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Clinic and we see many patients with Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome as well as other patients with lymphatic malformations of the upper or lower extremity and other patients who have significant venous vascular malformations.  While some of these patients may be candidates for interventional radiology and sclerotherapy, the vast majority of these patients do not have vessels that are large enough for sclerotherapy and therefore are best served by the use of combined compression garments and compression pumps.  Many of our teenage patients are reluctant to wear the compression garments and therefore the compression pumps do provide significant palliative benefit during the evening hours when they are less active and can afford some down-time and are willing to wear the compression pumps.  Our patients who do best are those who combine both the compression garment during the day and compression pumps at night.  The use of these products will decrease the need for extensive debulking surgery, which carries significant operative morbidity and also is palliative at best.  We certainly appreciate the cooperation and dedication of your company over the many years that we have recommended your products to our patients.”

-David W. Low, MD
Attending Surgeon, Associate Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Hermangioma/Vascular Malformation Clinic