Why did my doctor order this for me?

Pneumatic compression devices are indicated for venous insufficiency, venous ulcers (wounds), lymphedema and general edema.  Your doctor feels your condition can be treated at home and you can benefit from this therapy.

Is this treatment safe?

Our pumps are used on pediatric to bariatric patients.  We have safely treated patients from 2 weeks to 90 years old.

Does my insurance company cover this device?

Most insurance companies including Medicare will cover a patient who meets the qualifying criteria.  Our reimbursement department will discuss any deductibles or co-pays with you prior to providing the device.

Is the pump easy to operate?

Our specially designed boots and sleeves make application extremely easy and our one button operation device makes starting your therapy effortless

Are there any tips to follow when treating?

For your comfort and the cleanliness of the boot or sleeve, we recommend:

– Boots, wearing light cotton pants (pajama) with a pair of loose socks.

– Sleeves, wearing a light cotton t-shirt.

– Establish a routine that makes it easy-for example-treat while watching a favorite program or while on-line communicating with friends.

I have my condition in both legs, will I be able to treat at the same time?

We can provide bi-lateral boots or sleeves allowing you to treat both extremities simultaneously.  Your clinician will need to specify this when ordering.

How long will I have to use the device?

Lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency are conditions that are treatable but not curable. It is ultimately up your physician who long they want you to treat.  In order to achieve the best results, it is important to be compliant.