How to Prescribe

We have a highly professional staff available to make it easy for you to get your patient treating. You or your patient can contact us.

  • Call 800-631-9535 or
  • Fax an order to 724-695-0406


Information to get the process started:

  • Patient name and phone number
  • Patient’s permission to contact him/her
  • The condition (diagnosis) that the pump will be used to treat
  • Insurance information

What we do:

  • Call the patient to obtain and verify information needed to evaluate coverage by the insurer
  • Contact the insurer to verify coverage and documentation requirements
  • Contact you to explain coverage and to request medical documentation required for coverage
  • Call the patient to explain the process and to answer questions

Commonly required documentation:

  • Prescription – always required when providing a Wright Compression device and appliance
  • Treatment Summary – showing pressure settings, frequency and duration of treatments
  • Medical records – documentation showing the severity and treatment history for the condition
  • Other documentation, such as previous treatments, as required by the insurer